Glacier Ridge is conveniently located on the Northwest corner of the City of Calgary. Close to Stoney Trail, residents will be able to venture out to the many hiking trails that occupy the Rocky Mountains. Below are a variety of hikes for those looking to get out and explore at every level.

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Chester Lake – One hour and 49 minutes away

Located near Kananaskis, Alberta, Chester Lake is a 9.7 km hiking loop that offers incredible scenery for beginners, places to enjoy a family lunch along the way and views of the lake. It also is a must visit because of the iconic “Elephant Rocks”.

Grassi Lakes – One hour and 10 minutes away

Grassi Lakes is a 4.9 km hike located near Canmore, Alberta. Known for  being a more beginner hike, it is perfect for bringing kids and dogs along for the day trip.



Barrier Lake – 53 minutes away

At 7.7 km, Barrier Lake is a busy trail loop that offers hikers breathtaking views of the lake and multiple activities along the way, including a place to enjoy your lunch, visit with your friends and enjoy a nice Summer day.

Porcupine Ridge – 56 minutes away

Porcupine Ridge is a 10.8 km hike located near the Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8, Alberta. Hikers can experience views of the river and enjoy bird watching along the way.



Tent Ridge – Two hours and eight minutes away

The very popular Tent Ridge is a 10.9 km hiking loop located near Canmore, Alberta, on Mount Shark Road. It is known for its wildflowers that can be found around the trail.

Opal Ridge –  One hour and 13 minutes away

Opal Ridge is a 7.2 km hike located near Kananaskis, Alberta. It is a moderately busy trail that offers explorer views of wildlife and the valley. This hike is rated advanced because of the steep incline that hikers must undergo up the mountain. Good news for all you dog lovers; Opal Ridge is dog friendly! Just remember to keep them on a leash for the entire loop.

Mist Mountain – One hour and 44 minutes away

At 9.8 km, Mountain Mist is one of the most popular hiking loops near Kananaskis, Alberta. The loop features a gorgeous waterfall and a natural hot spring at the top of the mountain. It is rated as one of the more challenging hikes for avid hikers, so be prepared to have the proper equipment as it is a steep incline on the way up.