Glacier Ridge may be Northwest Calgary’s newest community opening its doors to homeowners across Calgary and the surrounding area. Still, the land on which Glacier Ridge is built is rooted in rich history dating back to the age of adventure and pioneers.

Glacier Ridge is positioned along Calgary’s northern edge and resides between urban lifestyle and wild frontier. Through ancient, steadfast processes and natural forces, glacial ice sheets and ice routes carved and sculpted the land and established a legacy that defines the western prairies as we know them today, as well as the community. Previously owned by the Ronmor Developers Inc. for many years, they are a partner in Glacier Ridge today. To learn more about them, click here.


A close up of Glacier Ridge’s landscape

You can uncover how time and nature have created the community’s deep-rooted character if you look closely. Wind and water have eroded and formed sedimentary layers of rock. The landscape is peppered with boulders, standing as ancient milestones for today’s modern lifestyle. Broad valleys reflect the vast scale of the grassland. Coulees of aspen and thicket form fingers of green that the neighbourhood adapts and forms too. Remnants of past trading trails and animal migration routes that were native to western Canada are evident.

The land as it stands today adds to the story of Glacier Ridge. Big open skies, soft chinook winds and rolling plains throughout the new community provide star-filled backdrops to any lifestyle and experience that a new homeowner can dream up and pine for. This culmination is what makes Glacier Ridge in Northwest Calgary, a once in a lifetime community.

A Move in Ready community

From the day you take possession of your new home and move into Glacier Ridge, the opportunity to live your best life is at your doorstep. Copious access to well established shops and services by northwest Calgary’s best-known big box and boutique businesses are all within a five minute drive, a speedy bike ride or a brisk walk.

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