In Glacier Ridge, you will find many possibilities for the kind of home you want to move into. You can choose from laned, paired and front drive homes. Choosing between these diverse home options is one of the first decisions you will need to make when investing in your future home. In the end, the type of home you choose will depend on your personal needs.

Paired homes

Paired homes, also known as a duplex or semi-detached home, may pair perfectly with your needs. These homes match affordability with the convenience and style that homebuyers look for. Paired homes share one wall while still allowing your own private backyard and double detached garage.

Paired homes allow first time buyers to step into homeownership without worrying about condo fees if they chose a townhome or apartment. These homes offer affordable starting prices with the same interior features and square footage as single family homes and no additional fees.

Not only do you only have to share one wall with a neighbour, our four paired builder partners in Glacier Ridge are dedicated to soundproof construction. Many homes are constructed to only have an attachment at the foundation and roof, with inches of space between the actual wall you share. This helps mitigate not only sound but vibrations as well. To learn more about our builder’s paired offerings, contact Cedarglen Homes, Morrison Homes, Trico Homes or Shane Homes.


Laned homes

Laned homes are built with the garage at the back of the property, removed from the house itself. Additionally, laned homes are built towards the rear of the lot (closer to the laneway), resulting in an exceptional and picturesque amount of front yard space.

This home style offers the privacy of single-family living with no shared walls while providing affordability. Laned homes also have open concept floor plans with plenty of room to entertain on the main floor and up to three bedrooms on the upper floor.

For those families with a handy-man or woman who enjoy working in the garage, the laned garage can be beneficial by keeping noises and smells from the workshop away from the main house.

Having a lane behind your home also provides more privacy as the homes behind you are significantly farther from your house than some front drive homes.

If a laned home sounds like the right fit for your family’s needs, Jayman BUILT, Morrison Homes and Trico Homes can help you customize your laned floorplan in Glacier Ridge.


Front drive homes

Front drive homes, also known as front garage homes, are single family houses with a garage conveniently attached to your home. These homes are spacious and often have high ceilings and open floorplans with plenty of room for growing families.

This home type is great for busy families, who will enjoy the adding convenience of not having to go outside to get in the car during Calgary’s cold winters. You can drive right into your warm house, and bringing the groceries in is a breeze.

Front drive homes tend to have more yard space than laned or paired homes. This creates more room to play and entertain but does create extra maintenance work depending on how you decide to landscape your yard.

Because of their size, front drive homes have more flexibility to change and customize your own floorplan. Contact our front drive builder partners in Glacier Ridge, including Cedarglen Homes, Jayman BUILT, and Shane Homes, to learn more.

When deciding on your future home style, there are many elements to consider. The laned, paired and front drive homes in Glacier Ridge have customizable floorplans, upgrade and tech options. If you are looking for a more spacious home for a large family, front drive homes are likely the perfect fit. Whereas if you are looking to buy your first home or downsize to lower maintenance, the flexibility of a laned or paired home may be a better match. If you are still unsure what home type you are looking to build in Glacier Ridge, reach out to our five builder partners. They will be happy to show you their floorplan options.